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Waste Water TreatmentEntec Alpha septic tank system, from Klargester, part of Kingspan Environmental

Houses not connected to the mains sewerage system are usually connected to one of the following:

With increasing concern for the environment, and the introduction
of new planning regulations, many people now opt for a waste water
Entec biodisc treatment plant from Klargester, part of Kingspan Environmentaltreatment plant rather than a septic tank system. Treatment plants take the basic scientific principles of septic tank systems, but accelerate these to produce a much cleaner and safer effluent, and soakaway problems are greatly reduced; but septic tank systems are simpler and can still provide an effective and economical solution.

Contact us for advice on the system which will best serve your needs.

When considering a new system, it should be noted that any discharge, from either a septic tank or treatment system, is subject to a discharge consent approval from the Environment Agency.

Find out more about discharge consents on the Environment Agency website - click here. You can also download guidance notes and an application form for a consent to discharge from the EA website.

For more information about septic tanks and soakaways, click here.

For more information about waste water treatment plants, click here.


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