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A complete professional service for drains, water pipes and sewage systems
DrainTech South West - drain repair and installation for Tavistock, West Devon, Plymouth and East Cornwall
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Fast response for bursts, leaks & blockages
Good drains do not usually block… but from time to time this problem may arise. The result can be inconvenient, disruptive… and smelly! More importantly, there can be serious health hazards, and particular problems where the result is a loss of business, or disruption to public services.

DrainTech South West is experienced in offering fast and efficient solutions ranging from drainage rods and high-pressure water jetting to mechanical techniques and "no dig" repairs.

Blockages are often the result of:

  • tree or shrub roots penetrating the drain;
  • broken or collapsed pipes - joints can have become displaced, or subsidence may have disrupted the fall of the drain;
  • too much grease from kitchens going down the drain;
  • unsuitable items being put down the drain;
  • leaves blocking the pipes in autumn, or
  • corrosion and deterioration of older metal pipes.

Drain lining equipment - photograph courtesy of ER SystemsUsing CCTV, we can survey the condition of your drains. If the survey reveals problems, it is often possible to solve these, or make repairs using "trenchless technology" - so there is no major disruption to your path, drive or garden.

Where tree routes are the cause of the problem, DrainTech South West can remove them and, where required, re-line the drain to prevent the problem happening again.

We are experienced in tracing the source of leaks, and rapidly repairing pipes to ensure their effective functioning as quickly as possible.


Pitch Fibre Pipes
In houses built in the 1960's and 1970s, pitch fibre pipes were frequently used in drains - forty years later, many of these are now facing problems as the pipes blister, deform or collapse. DrainTech South West specialises in the repair and reforming of pitch fibre pipes. To find out more, click here.

Lead in Drinking Water
Find out more about lead water pipes- click here.

We specialise in providing a fast and efficient service for clients' drains and drainage problems throughout the South Hams, West Devon and east Cornwall - including Tavistock, Okehampton, Plymouth, Ivybridge, Buckfastleigh, South Brent, Brixton, Noss Mayo, Newton Ferrers, Yealmpton, Callington, Launceston and Liskeard.


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