DrainTech South West  - Drain Repair, renewal and replacement; Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment services;  Groundwork services for Plymouth, Tavistock, Okehampton & West Devon; Callington, Launceston, Liskeard and east Cornwall; Kingsbridge & the South Hams    
A complete professional service for drains, water pipes and sewage systems
DrainTech South West - drain repair and installation for Tavistock, West Devon, Plymouth and East Cornwall
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All types of groundwork, landscaping and
stormwater control

Careful precision control of  equipment is behind the success of DrainTech South West's groundworks projectsDrainTech South West also have experience in a wide range of groundworks projects and in the control and alleviation of stormwater.

We can undertake excavation work, hard landscaping and blockwork, create underground pump chambers and install septic tanks and soakaways.

We are experienced in addressing problems caused by flooding and stormwater.



Landscaping, patio and pathway by DrainTech South West Landscaping and retaining walls for a domestic property, by DrainTech South West

We are skilled in installing patios and retaining walls for householders and businesses.

We also have extensive experience of creating or improving paths and driveways, and can
instal tarmac surfaces where required.


Fencing, paving and articicial grass installation by DrainTech South West tarmac drive installed by DrainTech South  West

See our Gallery for further examples of our work, and call us for a free, no obligation, estimate.

Rainwater Harvesting
Up to 50% of the water used by a domestic household could be substituted with rainwater - from watering the garden to flushing the toilet and supplying the washing machine.

With concerns about climate change, and rising water prices, rainwater harvesting and recycling systems are becoming more common.

Contact us to find out how rainwater harvesting could become part of your drainage system.


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