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A complete professional service for drains, water pipes and sewage systems
DrainTech South West - drain repair and installation for Tavistock, West Devon, Plymouth and East Cornwall
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Customer endorsement of Draintech South West's work

DrainTech South West to the Rescue!
"Living in a rural area, the water supply pipe to our property after it leaves the main is probably longer than many others, but is our responsibility to maintain. It had often gave us problems, frequently freezing in winter and, being an old copper pipe, was susceptible to cracks and leaks. DrainTech South West came to our rescue, with their friendly and prompt response, skilled technical advice, and solution to our problems.

"When they came to install a replacement supply pipe, they worked around our particular requirements courteously and carefully, and worked very hard and efficiently to complete the job with the minimum of delay and disruption to our lives."
-Mr. Carreck, Peter Tavy, Tavistock

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A solid recommendation
"I was very impressed by DrainTech South West's level of service. I called them in to install a new sewage system at my property. They worked quickly and carefully, and within three weeks had laid over 30 yards of drains, created a new soakaway system, and set our new septic tank in place. They finished by reinstating the area and laying new turf. I would recommend them to anyone!"
- Mr. Wroath, Lydford

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Customer recommendation of Draintech South West

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Polite, efficient and skilled
"The wide range of services offered by DrainTech South West were a great benefit to us. Over a couple of
See our gallery of photographs of our work - click hereweeks, they built a retaining wall to stabilise the sloping ground at the back of my property, installed a soakaway under our front lawn, and also put a concrete screed on the floor of my garage. A few days after work was completed, the lawn looked as good as it had before. I was very impressed by the jobs they did for us, and by their polite and efficient approach. I would certainly turn to DrainTech South West again should the need arise."
- Mr. Cooper, Saltash

Professional approach
"When a water pipe burst under my front path, I was very worried, but DrainTech South West were very reassuring and soon repaired the damage and replaced the old pipe. To reach the pipe, they had to dig up the crazy paving, but they made every effort to match the repair with the rest of the path. They worked here for about three days, and were very professional, listening to my concerns and doing an excellent job!"
- Mrs. Webberley, Plymouth

Customer thanks to Draintech South West

As if they'd never been here!
"We had used DrainTech South West before, so when we needed a solution to the problem of water building up around our house from our guttering downpipes during heavy rain and storms, we immediately went back to them again. After a consultation visit, as we have no access to mains drainage, their solution was to install soakaways to get rid of the rainwater.

"We were initially concerned as they proposed to install the soakaways under our garden lawn - but we werereassured when the work got under way, and they carefully manoeuvred their excavator and tipper truck to minimise any damage to the garden. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly they installed new drainage pipes and soakaways. Afterwards, they painstakingly reinstated the garden, replacing the turfs they had carefully cut away before starting work, and cleared up so well that within a couple of weeks, we could hardly tell that they had ever been here!"
- Mrs. Sherrell, Peter Tavy, Tavistock

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